9 Sep 2021

WANBO Calls to Stamp Out Single Use Cutlery

As many of you will be aware, Island School has a very active student environmental group, WANBO, who have focused greatly on the reduction of waste over the years. While we are all happy to see the return of canteen meals again, we are not so excited to see the return of single use plastics.

As we are working towards a greener future here at Island School, one way you can support us is by bringing in reusable cutlery, rather than taking the disposable cutlery. By taking this action you will be helping divert hundreds of plastic cutlery items from landfill. Simply bring a set of reusable cutlery in from home in a reusable container and you will be taking action to help our planet.

Year 7 students with their reusable cutlery

Additionally, for those who bring packed lunches from home, may we also encourage you to cut down on the use of plastic bags and wrapping, and use alternative reusable containers. Your support is greatly appreciated and what might seem like a small action, collectively will lead to a big change. For those looking for a variety of packed lunch options, take a look at the slides produced by Mr. Lord.

Article by Henry Chen (Yr 13), WANBO Representative