26 Feb 2019

Visiting Artist in Wearable Art Elements Class

Artist Leanne Claxton visited Elements class ‘Wearable Art’ for a fabric design workshop on 25 Feb 2019. From creating the colour palette to printing their own designs, students learnt how to produce their own fabric prints. They started by painting on paper using dyes, before transferring their drawings to fabric via a heat press.

Claire Tait, Head of Textiles said, “It is wonderful to have Leanne back running her workshop. With her broad experience in both Fine Art/ Print and Digital Print. She is an inspirational role model for our students and future designers.”

“The workshop was an amazing experience and it helped me grow as a designer. We learnt so many interesting new techniques, I will also use then for my Art GCSE studies.” added Megan (10N).

Known for her handmade scarves, Leanne is a textile artist and print designer from England. She trained in Paris under Christian Lacroix where she discovered haute couture and the relationship between art and fashion. Since graduating, Claxton has worked for major brands in London, Paris, New York, Hong Kong and Spain.

More information about Leanne Claxton click here