23 Apr 2021

Visit from The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School

Island School is committed to building connections with the local community while in Sha Tin. The Sha Tin Wai campus welcomed students and staff from The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School on Thursday, 15th April.

Some of the primary school students plan to study overseas and so came to get a feel for the international school experience. They enjoyed a school tour by the Student Ambassadors Preksha Bindal and Meher Gidwani from 12E and a presentation about their learning experiences as Islanders by Year 8 Student Leaders Reagan Chan (8R), Shaurya Sharma and Sam Meerovitsch (8F), Rachel Loo and Evans Wong from 8W. The guests also talked about their school life at The Salvation Army Tin Ka Ping School.

Meher Gidwani, one of the Student Ambassadors recalled, “The highlight of the visit for me was engaging with enthusiastic students. I particularly enjoyed the interaction we had in the Science Lab – as all of them were all so amazed by the experiments and equipment we get to use at Island School.”