25 Jun 2021

WANBO Tree Planting

The WANBO team organised a tree planting trip to Mui Wo on the 19th June, accompanied by Mr Melsom and Mr Scott.

Students had to first hiked up a trail with an elevation of 150m before they planted two saplings, using the soil and activated charcoal prepared by Mr Melsom in the designated area.

Participant Ellie said, “Although I have learned about the significance of taking action for the environment, this was one of the few experiences of myself taking action. This experience led me think more about the actions that I will do in the future and their consequences.”

Arnav, a WANBO member, said “During the tree-planting activity, not only we were able to enjoy the natural attractions on the Island, but also I have learnt various things such as the detrimental causes and consequences of deforestation, and how significant the tree-planting activity is to our mother nature.”

Special thank you Mr Melsom and Mr Scott, as well as the parents helpers for their support.


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