11 Jun 2019

‘Through the Eye of the Lens’ in Picture

From ‘Hong Kong Beauty’ to portrait, action, food, pattern and texture photography, students from the Elements class ‘Through the Eye of the Lens’ showcase their works produced during the course.

Through individual and collaborative exploration, creative production and critical interpretation, students have not only deepen their knowledge, creativity and understanding of visual literacy, but have developed a sense of being a global citizen and built greater awareness of the natural world around them.


9N: Brian Mak, Kelly Mak
9R: Anakin Teahan, Osbert Wong
9D: Harshul Agarwal, Sophie Goldstone
9E: William Spencer
9F: Vivian To
10D: Saara Tam, Randi Chan
10R: Martin Ma, Noah Ullah, Issac So
10N: Renee Wong, Megan Chan
10E: Prityush Jhaveri, Renee Au
10W: Hilary Li
11D: Ankit Chatterjee, Chloe Law, Nathaniel Ho, Hide Kurata, Jasper Law, Tomson Au, Sherlock Chan
11E: Colin Chung, Michael Smith
11F: Elliot Chow, Megan Wong, Siddhant Vaduvur, Jacklyn Park
11N: Ranen Yau, Natalie Yee, Bevan Dias, Juliet Chan, Janice Fok, Alessandro Lucchini
12W: Charlotte Wong