17 Jan 2017

‘The Unhinged Mind’ Unleashed at Island School

As darkness fell on the evening of the 13 January the Year 12 Literature and Performance IB students put on their production of ‘The Unhinged Mind’.  This work constitutes the first (and most significant) part of their research project, finding out how Shakespeare wrote his characters for future actors to discover. To the sound of the drum the audience were led around Island School by Macbeth’s three (four) witches.  Braving the weather they heard, amongst other things, Lady Macbeth call out to the supernatural; Hamlet question suicide and plan regicide; Rosencrantz and Guildenstern try to talk their way out of an impossible situation.

For many of the young actors this was the first time they have taken on such a challenging role.  Aqua Tai said: “I learnt how to focus my energy onto my character, so I could be in role. This made me more comfortable in front of the audience.”

Darius Tam: “I learnt the full preparation of the character process, which gave me the confidence in my own work so I could perform well on stage.”

Head of Drama, Sophie Welsh: “It was an enchanted evening, full of surprises at every turn, behind every door. Thanks goes to the drama teachers for working with the students, helping them find the confidence to do such justice to the work; and to Ken An for filming in rather challenging conditions.”

Co-writer Matthew Ling