27 May 2019

The Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries Giving Ceremony

At a giving ceremony, on Saturday 18 May 2019, 60 students from different Hong Kong schools received a Nicola and Kenneth Bursary each worth $3,000.

Students are nominated by their school, they then submit an application for a bursary which they can choose to spend as they wish. Many students use the money for: books, extra tuition, or summer courses, while others use the money to pay for travel, school lunches or exam fees.

The Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries charity was created in 1985 in memory of two Island School students. For over 30 years the charity has been supporting students who strive for academic excellence but are limited financially.  (In March 2019, the Island School Trust shortened the name of the Nicola Myers and Kenneth McBride Memorial Fund to the Nicola and Kenneth Bursaries.)

“I talked to the students before the ceremony, and one of the awardees told me that she plans to be a social worker,” Island School Principal Mr Stephen Loggie said. “She told me she wants to have a meaningful job and help people. She plans to use the bursary to further her studies in this area.”

“I heard a lot about their dreams and hopes for the future,” Mr Loggie added. “The bursaries will help them to achieve their goals.”

The Student Council and Year 12 ambassadors welcomed guests and presented the ceremony. Drama teacher Mary Lacey-Vittachi praised them for their support: “They honoured the awardees so beautifully with their carefully chosen words and diligent translation” she said.