12 Sep 2019

The Makings of the Media Team

Budding journalists from the media team learnt how to put a magazine together, how to write news articles and features, plus photography and video skills, on the 9 Sep, in preparation for the year ahead.

Year 9 – 11 students spent the day-off schedule, honing their craft with experts spending time with the students – including members of the Island School Communications team, visiting photographer David McIyntyre and film teacher Ms Word.

The day started off with a writing course, which consisted of examining samples of published articles, learning how to layout a magazine, and how to integrate new techniques into their own writing.

The photography segment consisted of students learning how to take pictures in the field, with angling, framing and lighting being key skills in photojournalism, ending with a practical bit where students went out to the playground and took pictures for possible articles and cover pages.

Student from 11W Sammi Hung said: “It was really informative because I got to learn how to structure and article and how to use different functions of a camera. It was easy to follow along and the activities were fun.”

The third and final course of the day was about videography taught by Ms. Word, with students pairing off into groups learning about camera work and stability, using tripods to capture stable footage. They also learnt about lighting and how to use it to their advantage, filming in all sorts of environments and how to adapt them to their advantage as well as ways to create and reflect lighting.

Media Team leader Grace Zheng says: “All in all, it had been a successful day for the students, who left with new knowledge to assist them. A huge thank you goes to all those involved, including teachers and students who assisted in the organisation of this day!”

Written by Sarita Long and Noor Rizvi, Media Team