7 Feb 2017

The Importance of Good Deeds Explored in Student Production ‘Everyman’

The course ‘All The World’s A Stage’ put on a revamped medieval play in front of an enraptured audience, 25 January 2017. The play, called ‘Everyman’, was adapted by a theater company named Splendid, which the performers took and reshaped to create a highly entertaining and educational performance.

This course allowed the eight students, from Years 10 – 11, to direct and create many parts of the play themselves. They had guidance from Head of Drama Sophie Welsh, gaining experience in directing, acting, and more.

All the characters are allegorical, each personifying ideas such as Friendship or Riches.

The play’s central story is about a man who needs to find someone to go to Death with him, exploring the nature and aspects of what is important to us. In the end, it is Good Deeds that goes with him, showing how kindness is the most treasured aspect of all.

Theresa Knight, one of the performers, said: “It was a lot of fun. I had a blast!”

The students learnt a variety of skills along the way. Ms Welsh said: “The skills here are based on the “Cs” – Creativity for working with the script and taking the words and concepts from page to stage.  No theatre group can be successful without Collaboration – it is not a monologue or a one man show – everyone is on stage all the time.”

By Student, Nobel Chan