16 Oct 2020

TED-Ed Club

Over the last half-term, Mr. Budd and the Individuals & Societies faculty has introduced a new extra curricula activity called TED-Ed Club which has been running online. This is all about training students to deliver a real-life TED-talk on an idea worth sharing. This term we’ve been working on creativity skills, and how we can develop our passions into quality ideas worth sharing, as well as considering what it means to give good feedback. After half-term they will begin working on our TED-talks. The club hope to then run a show-case event at the end of term where the best TED-talks will be delivered to a live audience, whether online or in person.

Year 12 student leaders have been mentoring groups of younger students in developing their ideas. The Island School Media Team have been publishing a weekly blog on Instagram at – islandschool_tedclub