11 Jun 2021

Team Comes 2nd in ESF Chinese Debate Competition

At the grand final of the ESF Chinese Debate Competition, the team faced tough talk and vigorous voices, to win the silver medal!

Since its launch in January the The Chinese Debate team has spent Monday afternoons preparing and Saturday mornings taking part in online Chinese Debates. Congratulations go to Angel Qiu (10R) who won the Best Speaker in the second round.

Yimo YAO (10E) said, “The final debate was full of incredible exchanges of ideas and opinions. We talked about the topic, Personal information can/cannot be protected in the era of big data.”

“Helping us through this journey, was our teachers Ms. Li, Ms. Guo and Alice. We have grown so much as individuals and as a team.”

“Many thanks to Benny Zheng 10N, Anderson Wan 10D and our chairman Hilary Sin 10W as well for their insightful ideas.”

The members of the star team are Wendy Tong (11W), Hans Yang (11W), Venus Tin (10R), Angel Qiu (10R) and Yimo Yao (10E).

Final competition

Chairman: Hiliary Sin

First Speaker: Venus Tin

Second Speaker: Angel Qiu

Third Speaker: Yimo Yao

Final Speaker: Wendy Tong