25 Oct 2017

Teachers’ New Course Approved By The IB

With an increase number of students wanting to study Food Technology at a higher level, three teachers decided to write a new IB course.

Head of Food Technology and Hospitality at Island School Mr. Chris Lord, together with two Sha Tin College colleagues, has written a new Food Science and Technology course, now approved by the IB organisation and it is rapidly gaining popularity. Before the course was accredited and published on the IB’s website eight other schools, globally, heard about it, and have started teaching it.

Gaining IB approval means it has been designed to have as much rigor as any other group 4 Science subject. Much of the course is science based viewed through the lens of food. Topics include: nutrition, digestion, the functional properties of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, food quality and food engineering.

Mr Lord, “Writing an IB course from scratch was a lot of work and the IB kept challenging us to make it more rigorous; I am very proud of the end results. The students are enjoying learning, they are passionate about what they are doing and other schools are very positive about it too.”

The students studying the course decided to set up a new Healthy Food Committee to promote healthy choices and work to get better food into school, after studying the nutrition topic.