28 Aug 2017

Summary from the Parent Decant Update Meeting 22 Aug 2017

The conditions at Borrett Road are becoming increasingly unsafe. The two new campuses will offer: more space, are much safer and a better learning environment.
ESF have worked extensively with Sha Tin District Council and the Education Bureau to secure the new campuses, a huge success!
There are some conditions to them gifting us the sites, including a no car policy. This means private cars can’t pick up or drop off at the beginning or end of the day. The timings of the school day had to change slightly and we look forward to working with the local community.

Refurbishment work is well under way. Hon Fung Engineering has been appointed contractors and they started work in July. They have worked on five other ESF projects and have experience at doing this type of renovation. Demolition at both campuses has been completed (as of 18 July). Demolition is the stage when any major problems might be uncovered but none have. ESF has provided very generous funding and professional support to make this decant and transition a success. Detailed plans exist for all the major elements of the decant project including facilities, workforce, curriculum, school life and administration. It is now up to Island School, our past, current and future community to work together to ensure that we thrive through this chapter of our school’s history.

The transition and the new campuses provide us with:

  • Higher staff per student ratio
  • Fitness suites
  • Creative Hub
  • Multipurpose rooms
  • Science labs
  • Technology workshops
  • Enhanced IT infrastructure
  • Larger modern classrooms (52sq m compared to 43sq m)
  • Larger Hall (419sq m compared to 320sq m)
  • Community facilities

We are currently reviewing and refining the current plans so that we come up with the best possible solutions to issues:-

  • Individual transport plans – Click here to see the proposed bus routes
  • Exam preparation routines
  • Service delivery model for parents
  • Maintaining a sense of Years 7 -13
  • Maintaining a strong presence on Hong Kong Island
  • Engaging with our feeder schools to enhance education
  • Local community engagement

The Island School community will find out more via:

  • Regular website updates
  • Newsletter
  • Emails
  • Additional coffee mornings with the Senior Leadership Team
  • Primary school meetings (Peak 1 Sep, Glenealy 6 Sep, Beacon Hill 11 Sep, Bradbury 19 Sep)
  • Year 11 Meeting 18 Oct
  • Year 12 Meeting 30 Aug
  •  Year 13 Meeting 12 Sep

Please visit the frequency asked questions to find out more about, school spirit, transport, quality of teaching, extra curricula facilities and more.