10 Jun 2016

Students Use Potential Energy to Create Science Journal

In partnership with Manchester University Island School has launched an online science journal 2016.

Click here to see the journal.

The journal includes 27 articles covering topics from the behavior of bees to quantum physics. Each of the articles submitted by students from different years has been reviewed by a professor or doctor of Science in various specialist departments from Manchester University.

Each student has an individualised and detailed letter with comments and praise from their assigned professor.

Arundhati Mukherjea (12N) and Rushabh Bohra (12N) have project managed and edited this year’s journal.

Students were invited to research, write and submit articles about aspects of Science that they were really interested in. The best of these were selected and compiled into the Island School Science Journal 2016.

Curriculum leader for Science Mr. Jonathan Horner said: “Both Arundhati and Rushabh have been amazing at inspiring the students to write, but also organising, editing and presenting the articles in such a professional manner. Everyone who took part in this project should feel very proud of what they have achieved.”