19 Aug 2016

Year 13s Turn Myth Busters in Science Projects

Do you stay drier running or walking in the rain? How does the time at which milk is added to the coffee affect its final temperature? These are some of the questions put to Year 13 students during induction week.

Over two-days students work in groups to answer one of seven science questions, based on the TV series ‘Myth Busters’.  Students must develop a focused research question, plan and develop their methodology, conduct experiments, analyse their results and present their conclusions.

At the end of two days teams compete in an exposition and explain their conclusions to the visiting younger students.  The student judges then vote for the team that they think did the best.

Head of Physics Paul Bayne said: “This science challenge known as the G4 project tests the students’ ability to collaborate and complete an extended investigation in a very tight time frame.  We name a winner but it isn’t really about winning, students start the year developing their listening skills, collaborating as a team and completing their assigned tasks, skills they will use all year.”