25 Feb 2016

Students talk with pride about their work at showcase evening

Consider your interests, decide on a topic, research it and then develop an end product, this is the challenge laid down to BTEC students every year as they commence their Extended Projects.

At a showcase evening, on 23rd Feb 2016, the student’s year-long projects displayed the breadth of their capabilities including; model planes, chairs made from skateboards, computers, professional cake decoration, and travel documentaries. The parents, staff and students who attended the showcase heard how BTEC students, at the beginning of Year 12, spend time considering the theme and direction of their projects. The Extended Project criteria demands that students log their research methods and chart their progress which is then written-up into a 4000 word report.

Depending on what the project outcome is depends how a student might chart their development, in the case of Hank Y13 he used a time laps video to show the building of his computer.

Vice Principal Matt Rappel said; “Hospitality students served their fantastic self-designed canapes before the BTEC drama students brilliantly performed the first act from the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime to a hugely appreciative audience. The art students displayed their first unit work and TV/Film contributions were shown throughout.”

Head of the Applied Learning Pathway Roger Wilkinson said; “There is a massive amount of work that goes into the Extended Projects and the students quite rightly show real pride in what they have done.” “The Extended Projects are assessed but the showcase evening is a celebration of the students’ work, for me it is one of the best nights of the year as students display some of the best work they have ever done!”

See the full production of the  Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime 5pm 16th March in the Lower Drama Studio. Contact Drama Teacher Sophie Welsh Sophie.Welsh@online.island.edu.hk for tickets.