24 Aug 2016

Student’s Rugby Team Dominates at Bangkok Tournament

The Hong Kong Bauhinias girls U16 rugby team, including Island School student Anya Saunders, won every match and conceded no tries, at a tournament in Bangkok this month.

The Bauhinias made up of players from the DB Pirates and Sai Kung Stingrays dominated the tournament beating ten teams from across Thailand, conceding no tries and winning the cup final!

Anya said, “Meeting the local teams after the game was brilliant. All the girls shook hands with us and congratulated us, generally everyone showed great sportsmanship. No-one went easy on us or played anything but their hardest, but there were no hard feelings after the games.”

“The hardest part was playing in the Thailand conditions because it was very, very hot and we played on a grass pitch with small dips and bare patches. The grass was extremely itchy and caused many of our players to get a red rash.”