22 Feb 2021

Students Get Cooking in Dignity Kitchen

A group of Global Perspectives IGCSE students have teamed up with social enterprise ‘Dignity Kitchen’ to advocate for the fair treatment of people with disabilities.

Dignity Kitchen, originally from Singapore, sells classic dishes such as Hainan chicken rice and laksa, as well as Singaporean-style coffee and milk tea. The food is cooked and served by people with disabilities. Staff are trained and the restaurant’s machinery and devices have been adapted. Dignity Kitchen’s long term goal is to change opinions within society, to be more accepting.

Global Perspectives IGCSE students Aoi Sakamoto (11N), Oswald Lau (11N), Curtis Yip (10N), and Bryan Sham (10N) met the volunteers and staff in the kitchen. Aoi Sakamoto commented, “Volunteering at Dignity Kitchen was an exceptional experience as I had the opportunity to talk with the workers and hear their stories. We cut out cookie dough and packed free bento boxes to distribute to the elderly and less fortunate. The laksa they served was also the best I’ve ever had! I urge others to volunteer at Dignity Kitchen, since I believe it was a valuable experience.”

The students have also created both an Instagram account and a website, advocating the importance of treating people with disabilities fairly.


Website: https://helpthedisabled.wixsite.com/helpthedifferentlyab

Instagram Account: https://www.instagram.com/helpthe.disabled/