6 Nov 2017

Student Wins 3rd Prize in Photography 4 Change Competition

With a photo of people dancing in the streets student Yu Kakinoki has been awarded third prize in the ESF Photography 4 Change competition.

Organised as part of ESF’s 50th-anniversary celebrations, “Photography 4 Change” aims to give students a chance to further their photography skills while the audience considers how this medium can influence social change.

The theme of this year’s competition was “diversity”. From the hundreds of entries the shortlisted finalists were displayed at the ESF centre. A judging panel made up of industry professionals and artists decided on the final winners.

Yu said: “This photo was taken on Christmas day last year, in San Francisco. I took a quick candid shot of a diverse group of strangers dancing together on the street. I found this moment enchanting and full of vitality, as fate has brought all the people together. I do not think this is my best work, but I think it captures the atmosphere I intended to achieve, and celebrates diversity.”

“Although I usually work on fashion photography and creative portraits, I also like to capture moments of aesthetics I discover in my daily life. I enjoy photography and I would like to explore further aspects of photography and challenge myself to new techniques and fields.”