14 Mar 2017

Students Speak-Out Against Planned East Lantau Metropolis

At a meeting to receive public views on the proposed, Hong Kong 2030+ Development Plan students from Island School, met with legislators to speak out against the East Lantau Metropolis, 10 March 2017. Students presented an open letter to the HKSAR on their sustainable vision for the future and highlighted their environmental concerns and the potential consequences if the proposal goes ahead.’

Fourteen-year-old Daanyal Ebrahim was interviewed by RTHK (radio), he explains that by building the East Lantau Metropolis wildlife and ecosystems will not only be lost but we will lose green spaces, so important for quality of life. He said: “By building the East Lantau Metropolis you may be solving housing problems but the quality of life for people living there will be so low that there is no point living there.”

Humanities Teacher & ESF Environmental Coordinator Ross Burrough said: “The way the students spoke was very impressive. They really understand the complexities of the issues and that is evident in their interviews.”
“We have talked about the Government’s plan as part of our environmental group at school but it was there decision to attend the HKSAR Legislative Council meeting.”

Click here to see the ESF students speaking at the press conference here.

Click here to hear Daanyal Ebrahim’s radio interview with RTHK (at 22:50) at this link.