Student Leadership

Strong student leadership characterises Island School’s spirit. All that we do aims to enhancing the student experience by:

  • Providing opportunity
  • Broadening horizons
  • Supporting wellbeing
  • Promoting ethical and responsible citizenship

The Student Council

The new Student Leadership Council comprises is chaired by the Head Students. It is further represented by leaders in seven key areas:

Learning – Sport – Arts – Communication – Student Welfare – Environment – Community Outreach

Their agreed mission for the coming year is “to achieve inclusion within the Island School community and to reflect on issues in the world with a forward-thinking framework, all with adequate flexibility to adapt to the decant …. to honour the respect of Island School and through this achieve a positive and open-minded learning environment.”

Head Students, Angela Chen, Charlie Lam, Fiorelli Wong, Sam Hui
Another main priority for us as head students is to ensure that the student body gets a voice.  As leaders of the student council, we are aware of many of the issues that the students face and we will do our best as a council to implement change to fix these issues. We act as a platform between the school’s senior leadership team, and the student body as a whole. Another priority for us is to improve the communication between student leaders and the Island School community.