27 Apr 2017

Student Leadership at Island School – A new Structure for a New Time


After a year of thorough review, and consultation by a joint student and staff steering group, we are delighted to be able to introduce our new student leadership structure and the aims and values that underpin it. Special thanks go to Daanyal Ebrahim (10D), Natasha Mather (10E), Rutvi Shah (10N), Perry Chan (12N), Quentin Mak (12R), Caleb Fu (12W) for their work within the steering group.

Our Aims

We believe that the strong spirit of student leadership that characterises Island School should be encouraged. Further the structure and roles within this, need to meet the our changing context and practices. All that we do should be with the aim of enhancing the student experience by:

  • Providing opportunity
  • Broadening horizons
  • Supporting wellbeing
  • Promoting ethical and responsible citizenship

The Student Council

The new Student Leadership Council comprises is chaired by the Head Students. It is further represented by leaders in seven key areas:

Learning – Sport – Arts – Communication – Student Welfare – Environment – Community Outreach

Their agreed mission for the coming year is “to achieve inclusion within the Island School community and to reflect on issues in the world with a forward-thinking framework, all with adequate flexibility to adapt to the decant …. to honour the respect of Island School and through this achieve a positive and open-minded learning environment.”

Note that as of next year, this structure will be mirrored in the senior and middle sections of the school to allow for cohesive leadership, with more opportunity, when the school decants.

Student Ambassadors

School student leadership is now further strengthened by School Ambassadors. These students represent Island School at internal and external events; they meeting school visitors and take guests on tours around campus as required. As such, they are very much the face and embodiment of the Island School spirit. The Ambassadors come from all Houses, each displaying the model student qualities that are expected of them. Again, next year in the decant, Ambassadors will be selected for both campuses