14 May 2018

Student Awards and Achievements

The Island School Bowling Team participated in its first ever inter-school bowling competition, on the 8 May 2018. At the HKSSF Tenpin Bowling Cup, the Typhoons faced fierce competition from 28 other schools. Island School earned 17th place in the team rounds, and top scorer Alex Kwan came 38th out of 131 competitors in the individual games.

Team member Trevor Wan said, “Over the course of eight months of practice, we improved a lot as a team. We are relatively inexperienced, but we hope to strive for excellence in future competitions.” Job Tam, another member, added, “We were under a bit of pressure on the day of the tournament, but results don’t matter. What matters is that our efforts have paid off.”
The Bowling Team is led by Ms Andrea Walsh, and is made up of seven members: Alex Kwan, Ernest Lau, Roy Mak, Lewis Ng, Job Tam, Jaden Wan and Trevor Wan (all Year 12 students).

Congratulations to the following merit awardees!

Gold Award

Silver Award

Bronze Award