25 Nov 2016

Student Acts at Island Five-0 Confirmed!

Article by Matthew Ling

The student acts playing at Island Five-0 (Island School’s Arts festival) have been confirmed!  The soloists and group acts that made it through the auditions will perform two songs from the same decade – in celebration of 50 years of Island School. Their repertoire includes the Carpenters, George Michael, Stevie Wonder and Coldplay.img_6944editv2

Parisa Wootton will perform two songs, including Heal by Tom Odell. When asked about Island Five-0 she said, “I think the fact that we are sharing our artistic talent and that it brings the whole Island School community together makes Island School Five-0 unique. This is a much larger event, where everybody is going to come together from the whole Island School community.”

She also notes, “I’m looking forward to the different genres, it’s good to have 70’s, 80’s and 90’s music. At other school fairs, people have chosen current songs, but I am looking forward listening to the different music.”

Cedric Widodo will sing ‘Good Grief’ by Bastille. He said, “I think the unique additions we have to the entertainment this year to celebrate Island School’s 50th anniversary make Island 5-0 an event truly worth looking forward to. I am definitely very excited to be involved.”

Also playing at Island Five-0 are all the acts that took part in the final of Island School’s talent show on 22 Nov 2016

The performers
Priscilla Lee, Gabriel Chan, Caleb Fu, Jasper Wong, Angie Wong, Aqua Tai, Bond Lau, Cedric Widodo, Ria Schmidl, Aaron Khemchandani, Anthea Tsang, Charlie Wong, Nicole Ho,
Wing Kiu Chan, Oscar Kee, Parisa Wootton, Victoria O-Young, Eunice Poon, Nobel Chan, Tiarnan Neville, Natascha Netsz, Jasmine Chan, Karen Ng.