10 Jun 2022

STEM Week 2022

From interactive Sudoku activities, the paper bridge challenge, to the infamous marshmallow spaghetti tower structure, STEM Week 2022 was successfully held from 30 May – 2 June with lots of hands-on STEM-based interdisciplinary challenges designed for the Year 7s-9s.

There was a ‘find the element’ Treasure Hunt and various asynchronous challenges that took place from the previous week. A special mention goes to Isabelle Jenkins from 7E who won the Yerr 7 Sudoku competition single-handedly playing against teams of 2.

STEM Week Inter-House Cup

The STEM Week Student Committee worked tirelessly, for many months, in setting up and organising STEM Week, despite the uncertainties of the event’s format, the committee rearranged their plans and coped with the many changes very flexibly. The STEM Week Student Committee will announce the overall results and will award the Inter-House STEM Week Cup before the end of the school year.

“It was exciting to see some of the Year 8s and 9s show off their scientific knowledge! We hope to see even more students combine their scientific and artistic skills in the Cell Construction Challenge.” said student organiser, Chelsea Tse (12W).

“We are impressed by the effort of all the teams to construct their best bridge in the limited time. They were able to successfully incorporate engineering knowledge to build bridges that were stable, has the best structural integrity,” explained student organiser Hans Yang (12W).

“We hope all students and teachers alike enjoyed this year’s STEM Week activities. Thank you so much to Ms Burgon and Mr Bayne for their endless support in helping us shape this year’s student experiences”, explained the Heads of the STEM Committee, Hei Ching Tang (12W) and Sam Hui (12W). “We also extend our gratitude to all the teachers who helped support our challenges!”

Once again, thank you and congratulations to all the committee for organising the Week.

STEM Week Student Committee 2022

Sam Hui, Hei Ching Tang, Ariel Chau, Brian Lau, Charmaine Hui, Chelsea Tse, Colin Lee, Dennis Leung, Akshat Gupta, Hans Yang, Jasmine Leong, Lawrence Chung, Moses Chan, Osbert Wong, Roderick Chang, Selina Wei, Shing Wan Ng, William Na.

Article written by the Science Department