20 Oct 2017

Sprinting For A Scholarship: Nansen Biathlon Raises Funds For Underprivileged Children

Decked out in shades of blue, 200 students from Nansen House took part in its annual biathlon on the 18 October, with students swimming or running to support the Baiwan Charity.

This fun event, with the occasional cup of blue lemonade, has a serious mission – students are tasked to raise sponsorship money for the Baiwan Charity. The proceeds from this biathlon will go towards improving education for children living in rural Guangdong, whose parents have had to go to work in the city while leaving their child. Schooling ends at age 14, and these children need a scholarship in order to afford further education.

In previous years, the Nansen Biathlon has raised thousands dollars with prizes awarded to the individual and class that raises the most money. Students are encouraged to raise as much as possible, as every $100 makes a difference and can pay for a student’s living expenses for several weeks.

By Van An Trinh

Photos by Aryan Bellani