Sports Director – Teacher of PE


The description below is layered on top of a mainscale teachers’ job description. All TLR responsibility holders have a teaching responsibility

The role of the Sports Director at Island School is to promote, encourage and facilitate competitive and recreational sport at all levels of the school. The Director will lead by the example of being personally involved in a variety of sports activities which will mean a commitment to them after school hours and on weekends. He or she will create a culture of sport in the school, where all students feel they can and should play sport at the appropriate level, and all staff feel that being involved in supporting student sport is part of what makes Island School complete.
The Director will have line management of all Physical Education and Sport within the school, although Curriculum PE is led, managed and organised by the head of Curriculum PE. The Director will have a reduced teaching load in curriculum PE.
Sport, for the purposes of this job description, includes all physical activity and outdoor education.

Responsibilities include:

• Planning the recreational and competitive sports programme throughout the year
• Engaging and encouraging staff members to run sporting activities
• Publicising the programme and encouraging students to take part
• Facilitating the administration of enrolment, signing up and registration in school and for the various sports associations outside school
• Facilitating the booking of sporting venues and the necessary transport
• Supporting staff members who engage in sporting activities, so they can carry out the activity with the minimum of impediment, and feel valued for doing so
• Engaging coaches and instructors for sports that we do not have the staff qualified to lead
• Managing the sports section of the activities budget
• Raising the profile of sport throughout the school with students, staff and parents
• Ensuring clear communication with parents over the availability of activities, where and when they take place and any unforeseen cancelations
• Giving students the opportunity to perform and compete at the highest possible level in a wide variety of sports
• Celebrating sporting success and achievement
• Contributing to the development of the assessment system to include activities
• Collaborating with Head of Curriculum PE in the use of human physical and temporal resources
• Supporting the Head of Curriculum PE through Professional Reflection and Development.


  • Relevant degree and post graduate teaching qualification
    • Experience leading sports in schools
    • To be able to liaise with parents, careers and colleagues in an efficient and informative manner