23 Feb 2024

Sport Fixtures 26 February- 1 March 2024

  • 26th: B Grade Girls Badminton vs BPSS 
  • 26th: C Grade Girls Badminton vs SSCS 
  • 27th: U14 Boys Badminton vs Harrow & AISHK 
  • 27th: A Grade Boys Football vs DC 
  • 27th: B Grade Boys Football vs YWC 
  • 27th: C Grade Girls Rugby vs Harrow 
  • 27th: B Grade Girls Rugby vs YMCA/HKIS 
  • 27th: C Grade Girls Volleyball vs BWFL 
  • 28th: HKSSF Athletics (Whole Day)
  • 29th: B Grade Boys Rugby vs Kellet & SIS 
  • 29th: C Grade Boys Rugby vs Harrow & Kellet 2 
  • 1st: B Grade Boys Badminton vs KC 
  • 1st: C Grade Boys Basketball vs CCHK 

Further details regarding sport fixtures and up-to-date team lists can be found; HERE