16 Jun 2016

Spirited Fine Dining

In a collaboration of professional and student skill, Island School turned restaurant for the day with its first pop-up fine dining experience.menu3

To celebrate the first six months of the Spirit Fund, Head of Food Technology and Hospitality, Mr. Chris Lord and the BTEC students hosted a three course lunch. Their guests:  school council members, senior staff from the ESF and alumni.

The students chose the menu themselves based on skills they have developed through their BTEC course. They were assisted by professional chef Nitin Hiranandani and trainee hotel manager Alvin Koo both Island School alumni.

Robert Gibson Chairman of the School Council said, “Congratulations to the chefs, waiters and singers.  The food and the music were first class.  It was a great opportunity to talk with other people who are supporting the Spirit Fund for scholarships and enhancing education at Island School. It was very nice to also receive a thank you card with student artwork.  Mine was from Douglas Man 10N.”

Following their lunchtime serving the students then cooked for teachers after school in a second seating totaling more than 100 covers in the day.

Victor Martin Year 12 said, “I have worked in a professional kitchen before so I know what a whole day of cooking involves. It was fun, we were on our feet all day and there was pressure to get it right but Nitin Hiranandani ran the operation like a professional kitchen shouting times and food order so all the food was perfect and hot. It was a really good experience.”

Choral group: Niamh Neville, Claudia Lau, Parisa Wooton, Jonathan Fan and Josh Keys performed, No Man Is An Island a John Donne poem arranged by Principal Chris Binge and Ffydd Gobaith Cariad by Robat Arwyn.

Darcy Horne
Victor Martin
Finn Luke
Cade Weathington
Jacqueline Kim
Sophia Henderson Hall
Phoebe Gilbert
Sorbie Ku
George Taffs
Justin Dael
Aurora Fenwick
Tristan Hannaford
Raena Lau
Tiff Tong
Jessica White
Natalie Leung
Natasha Wang
Momoka Sugaya
Chiara Dadamo
Jennifer Frawley
Alyssa Harries
Chloe Chau
Adeline Tam
Brita Cheng