3 Dec 2021

Special SENsational Workshops

To promote and increase awareness of the growing issue of autism, a group of Year 11 students partnered with local NGO SENsational Foundation and organised a computer graphic design and Christmas ornaments decoration workshops on 19 and 22 November.

Airi Tachino, Avelyn Lo, Anderson Wan and Brandon Chan from 11D organised various sessions including a computer graphics and design workshop, teaching the participants typing skills, as well as socialising skills. Arts and crafts were also made, where the students and the group painted salt-dough decorations.

The team also raised funds, where holiday greeting cards and salt dough decorations made by the group in the sessions have been sold on Friday. All donations and funds raised will be sent to the SENsational NGO.

The leader of the group, Airi Tachino said, “The sessions were all valuable learning experiences for us. We could really feel how we grew in various aspects, especially in terms of being flexible, open-minded, and improving communication skills.”

The team would also like to express gratitude to the following people / organisations, and thanks them for all the help given in order to make the event possible:

SENsational Foundation, Ms Weston, Mr & Mrs Scott, Charlotte (School Social Worker), Lilly (School Counsellor).

The students-led team has created an Instagram account in order to further promote and raise awareness on the topic. The account can be found at @illuminate_awareness on instagram.com.