23 Jun 2016

Solo E Projects: Creativity, Critical Thinking and Conclusions

Cricket, feminism and ocean pollution are just some of the topics students in Year 8 chose to investigate for their Solo E projects within the Island Time programme.

In the last eight weeks of the school year students in Year 8 were given the chance to choose any topic they felt passionate about to investigate for their final project. Vice Principal Monica Gilbert-Saez said, “The research is fundamental to the success of the programme as the purpose is to combine their selected theme with depth of enquiry and skilled integrity.”

Some of their project outcomes includes: a magazine on quantum teleportation, a look at feminism through the ages, a book of fiction and an investigation into what makes the world’s best cricketers great. Their work was showcase, exhibition style, on 21 June 2016

Ms  Gilbert-Saez, “The Solo E projects are a great and unique opportunity for Y8  students to put their capacity to learn and creativity in action. They need to think strategically and critically, plan, review and draw conclusions. It is not just about attaining knowledge.”

“Some of the work the students produced is exceptional and I am hugely proud of them. I can see all our Year 8 students developing research skills now that they will undoubtedly need in their Elements courses, G4 projects and their Extended Essays undertaken in the senior years.