27 Jun 2019

Solo E Projects 2019

Important topics such as Cultural Expression in Modern Architecture and the Causes and Solutions to Racism were just some of the project titles chosen by Year 8 students for their exhibition this year.

The research questions for this project were chosen by students themselves, with the careful guidance of their teachers. They then spent ten weeks investigating, planning and preparing in readiness for the Solo Exhibition where they needed to convey their passion and interest to parents, staff and students.

Vice Principal Ms Jenny Hodson explains, “The Solo E projects given Year 8 students the opportunity to research a topic they are really interested in. It has been fantastic to see so many on them truly grow as learners. Some of the work is exceptional and I am hugely proud of them.”

“The individual research skills that have been developed through this project will support them as they move up the school, through Elements, Explorations and into the IB and BTEC programmes.”

Click here to see photo from the exhibition