17 May 2016

Singing Since Seven

Natascha Netz, 7W, one of the members of the cast of “Blood Brothers” and “Gypsy” talks about how her love for singing started from a young age and how it makes her feel.

Natascha loves singing! Months of rehearsals and late night shows with the Hong Kong Singers’ production of Gypsy has done nothing to dampen her enthusiasm for singing. Right now she is resting but there are more auditions and performances in her future.

Her talent for singing was notice by primary school Music Teacher Mr. Gibson, when Natascha was just seven- years-old. He encouraged her to join the choir and later audition for the Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation production of Blood Brothers. When one show finished another started with Natascha cast in the chorus line of Gypsy.  Natascha admits a solo would be nerve-racking but singing with a microphone is fine. She said: “I just love everything about singing.

Performing is really cool, I like performing in front of a huge crowd and showing then what I have – my talent.” She explains that when singing she feels most confident: “In Beacon Hill [primary school] people thought I was really quiet but when they saw and heard me singing they said, wow! People knew me more. You know how some people are really shy when they perform, I am not shy at all.”  On meeting Natascha you can tell singing brings her great joy – she is glowing and energetic.

But the stage is demanding and although her parents love her voice and are proud of her they are keen that she balances school work with performances. She said: “I get really, really, really busy with my musicals. I didn’t have enough time to do homework, in the weeks before the production [of Gypsy] we rehearsed five times a week. So now maybe I can take a break from rehearsals and catch-up on homework.”

Natascha’s favorite musical is the Sound of Music, she would love to play Louisa, and with many more years ahead of twelve-year-old Natascha I am sure she will.