2 Jun 2022

Settling In Support

We are aware that, whilst the new campus is very exciting, the change of routines and environment can be challenging for some of our students. Our Pastoral Team, led by the Heads of House and facilitated by Form Tutors are prepared to support students with these adjustments. This support will occur through both large and small group activities to familiarise ourselves with the campus and through individual support, which will be personalised and may draw upon the expertise of our counselling team.

Please contact your son/ daughter’s Form Tutor if you have any questions or wish to find out more. The  Heads of House next year are:

Da Vinci, Stephanie Marmagne
Einstein, Paul Harries
Fleming, Angela Worthington
Nansen, Melanie Newby
Rutherford, Phil Tudor
Wilberforce Laura Hjelmeland