4 Mar 2016

Senior Prefects 2015-2016

The Senior Prefects were announced at the prefects’ tea 3rd March 2016 by Principal Chris Binge. They are;
Head Boy; Rushabh Bora,
Head Girl; Noa Horowitz,
Deputy Head Boy; Jonathan Fan
Deputy Head Girl; Niamh Neville

The out-going senior prefects started the proceedings by thanking all the prefects they have worked with during the past year before handing presents to all. A special mention was given to Chun Yu Yiu who said to the Year 12 prefects that even if you don’t get chosen to be one of the senior four you still have an important role and there are lots of opportunities for leadership.


Head Girl Noa Horowitz, Head Boy Rushabh Bora, Deputy Head Boy Jonathan Fan, Deputy Head Girl Niamh Neville

Before announcing the Senior Prefects Mr Binge said; “This is without question the hardest job I have to make each year. I could have picked five or six teams of people that would have worked well together. During the selection process I heard many teachers advocate for the students so strongly, they really are a remarkable group.”

He encourages all the prefects to remember that; “It is you as a team of 36 that leads the school that leads the student body.”

Congratulations to the 2015-2016 Senior Prefects!