22 Mar 2016

Senior Awards 2015-2016

At the Senior Awards Principal Chris Binge congratulated all the award winners and said; “When you talk to Alumni about their time at Island School they remember the sport they played, the clubs they were in and how they worked together as a team during service projects. The commitment they and you show, along with everything else you do makes you all Islanders”!

The Winners
Alice ZHANG 10R
Isabella CHAN 11N
Andrea CHIN 12F
Hayley IP 13F

Service & Co-Curricular
Bakhita Fung 10R
Karen Ng Sum Yi 11W
Shauna Daswani 12F
Devain Doolaramani 13E

Team Awards
Academic – Islander
Service & Action – Island School Social Justice (ISSJ)
Sport – Island School Baseball Team
Visual & Performing Arts – ANAIA