SEN Teacher


The SEN teacher will be working with 6 to 8 students with moderate learning difficulties, including Global Delay and ASD amongst others.

The department has a strong preference for a candidate with experience in teaching GCSE English Language (Core/Foundation level), Foundation skills, ASDAN courses and BTEC Level 1 courses.
· Having a thorough and up-to-date knowledge of the teaching of their subject(s), their students’ curriculum, pedagogy, education-related legislation and the specific teaching context.

Main Accountabilities
• To support the development of Individual Needs (IN) across the foundation through developing and contributing to learning networks such as SNAGS (ESF Special Needs Action Group).
• Regularly evaluate teaching, learning and student outcomes in this area and to monitor the progress of children in the LSC.
• Work closely with the Curriculum Team and Pastoral Teams to ensure students with individual needs, both LSC and mainstream, receive a high quality balanced curriculum.
• To assist in the management and PM of the full-time LSC Educational Assistants.
• To manage the development and implementation of appropriate IEP goals and strategies of each LSC student, in collaboration with all teachers, EAs and parents.
• To be a teacher of modified subjects, literacy, numeracy, social skills or precision teaching intervention programmes in the LSC.
• In conjunction with the Head of Individual Needs, and the relevant Head of Faculty, to lead work on the differentiation of the curriculum for students at levels of adjustment 1-4.
• To teach in a variety of modes within the mainstream classroom of the LSC students.
• To be a form-tutor.


• Provide guidance, written or otherwise, for mainstream teachers on supporting students from the LSC within the classroom.
• Ensure appropriate records are kept on individual children in the LSC.
• To take the lead role in the construction of the LSC students’ IEPs.

Professional Development:
• Work alongside class teachers offering support, modeled teaching and advice in the area of IN.
• To reduce barriers to learning in the mainstream environment by providing access and curriculum support.
• To contribute to the SEN PD programs for all stakeholders.

• Support year groups in providing for students from the LSC and ensure that all teachers are aware of the specific needs of students in their class
• Work closely with parents and take the lead role in communicating with them at regular intervals
• Ensure the learner profile attributes and the IBO philosophy are modeled and encouraged within the school, where appropriate for these students.
• To take an active role in performance management within the school. Final performance management judgements will be made by the Principal.
• Work closely with the LSC Manager.
• Maintain a high level of professional conduct at all times

Minimum typical education
Bachelor Degree in Education, or Bachelor Degree in any subjects with PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate of Education), or equivalent SEN qualification.
Minimum typical experience
5+ years teaching experience within a recognized educational organization experience

Closing Date: 25 Jan 2016