3 Nov 2017

School Bus Sign-up

Dear Parents,

I am writing to remind those who are interested in the school bus service next term that the sign up deadline is this Monday, 6th November. After this date parents will still be able to sign up for the buses, however Kwoon Chung will make no guarantee of a space or allow any further requests for a route change. Therefore I would encourage you to show your interest in a school bus before this date.

Should you still be unsure if you are planning on using the service, no payment is required at this stage. We would ask you to sign up (without payment), demonstrating your interest and making any route, pick up or drop off suggestions using the online form.

Following this date Kwoon Chung will collate all the route suggestions and adjust accordingly, publishing the final schedule on Thursday 7th December. At this point, those parents who have not paid will be asked to confirm and make payment before the end of term.  The online application form can be located here.

If you have any non route-based questions please email school@online.island.edu.hk. The online application form can be located here: https://school.kcm.com.hk/island/

Yours sincerely,

Paul Bentham