3 Dec 2018

Scholars Score at Tournament of Champions

Students achieved both individual and team awards winning 84 medals in total, at the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions, held at Yale University from the 16- 21 November. One Island School team came third out of over 750 teams in the competition!

The World Scholar’s Cup (WSC) is an academic tournament based on an annual theme, ‘An Entangled World’ was the theme for 2018. In the months leading up to the event, students independently researched a myriad of topics relevant to the theme, ranging from military coups to musical numbers about mythological beings. Teams debated, wrote essays, and answered ‘interdisciplinary analytic’ questions on the curriculum they had studied (the Scholar’s Challenge).
Team leader and Year 12 student Van An Trinh explained, “The competition not only tests students’ knowledge but also their skills of public speaking, teamwork, and critical thinking.
But at the heart of the event is the community it fosters. Scholars have the opportunity to meet and engage with other students from across dozens of nations, not only in debates but in a scavenger hunt, social event, and Scholar’s Ball.” The WSC also included a showcase of the top debaters and two talent shows, whose acts included cultural dances, gymnastics, and even magic.
Van An, “Island School’s WSC delegation would like to thank Ms Eves and Mr Nason for organising the trip, and for giving us the opportunity to represent the school in such a prestigious academic tournament.”

“Next year’s Hong Kong Round will be held from the 9-10th March 2019 with a theme of ‘A World On The Margins’ in which a new set of faces would be welcome!”