7 Dec 2017

Robotics Club Preparing for Ringmaster Scrimmage

The robotics club are preparing for the VEX IQ Ringmaster Challenge Scrimmage, to be hosted here in Island School on the 9th December 2017. Led by Head of Design and Technology Teacher Andy York, the six teams representing the school will build robots to compete in a Teamwork Challenge.

This is Island School’s second year hosting the competition, with last year’s tournament being won by Thomas Richards in Da Vinci. He was up against 11 teams in 2016, this year more than 20 teams are participating. Six of those teams will be from Island School, with the remaining teams coming from a variety of schools and organizations.

“Robotics helps develop the skills of critical thinking that you learn in class. It’s different to computer programming because unlike coding, you actually see the movement of your robot change as you change the program and students find this very rewarding” said Mr York.

Seoyoung Kim, a student from the robotics club said, “Building a robot has been a new experience for me. It is great fun learning how each part goes together!”

By Van An Trinh (Media Team)