21 Mar 2024

Redress Clothing Bazaar

On Wednesday the 20th of March, we sold the donated clothing items at prices ranging from $5-$20. We raised $3,518 in just 45 minutes!

Thank you all for supporting Redress and WANBO in this charity event, all proceeds and leftover clothing will be donated to Redress.

Redress Interhouse Results

The WANBO team is pleased to share that the Redress clothing drive was a great success! With a record-breaking 1,600 pieces of donated clothing collected over the past two weeks, we are glad that you have all involved yourself and others in this sustainable initiative. Now what you have all been waiting for… the overall winner of the clothing drive intercourse is as detailed below:

1st: Fleming — 449 

2nd: Da Vinci — 378

3rd: Einstein — 283

4th: Nansen — 188

5th: Wilberforce — 182

6th: Rutherford — 180

WANBO has plenty left in store for you all. Look forward to similar events coming to you soon! With our commitment to innovation and implementing sustainability at Island School, we’re continuously working on new and exciting events that will be sure to captivate you.