18 Sep 2020

Redevelopment Update, September 2020

Principal Stephen Loggie and Vice Principal (Operations), Paul Bentham joined the ESF Project Team for a mockup visit of the redevelopment project offsite on 7 September, 2020. 

A full-sized model of the classroom, Science laboratory (with preparation room), toilets and changing room were built in order to evaluate the proposed design and related construction details. 

“It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to see these preliminary designs put together in a physical form. As the project progresses, it is absolutely crucial that we share our feedback from both a teaching and learning point of view to ensure that the new facilities are fully utilised for delivering a top-quality learning experience,” said Stephen Loggie.

Consisting of over 40 classrooms, 13 laboratories, more than 6 special rooms, including a sports hall and indoor swimming pool, Island School will transform into a 8-storey, state-of-the-art contemporary building in 2022.