28 Feb 2019

Red Leap Into Action With Drama Students 

At a physical theater workshop run by production company ‘Red Leap’ senior drama students delved into devised theatre!

IB and BTEC drama students and IB Literature and Performance students practiced ‘movement sequences’ at a physical devised theater workshop on the 25 Feb 2019. Visiting Artistic Director Julie Nolan who facilitated the workshop explained to the students the importance of using the whole body including the eyes when engaging with the audience and storytelling.

Yunah Frank (12E) IB theater student explained more, “Our group created a sequence where we started telling a story with our hands as puppets – transforming the characters by using our whole body as the narrative developed.”

Yunah continues, “Another really fun activity was the running challenge. Julie asked us to run on the spot – making it look as real as possible, so we tried different stylized versions with different sides of our bodies facing the audience.”

“It [the workshop] was really fun and we used the new skills that we learnt in our next lessons.”
Yunah and her class used a piece of music as a stimulus and then allowed their bodies to do whatever they wanted to do. Head of Drama Ms Sophie Welsh was so impressed with their new physical theater skills that she encouraged the students (IB and BTEC) to use this devised work in their assessed theatre performances.

Red Leap is a New Zealand based production company. They cross the forms of physical theatre, imagery and storytelling.

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