17 Jun 2016

Reading Race

by Didrika Fisher and Sophie Kelly 7Wreading

This photo of 7W students, shows who has completed our year long reading  assignment called the Reading Race. Our goal was to finish all the tasks on the reading race, for example ‘read a horror book’read a librarian recommendation, read a book review etc. before the deadline 17 June 2016 -which our English teacher, Ms. Sommerville, set. In total we had to read 52 different books.

The following students who has completed the Reading Race are: Hannah Mulligan, Kaki Yim, Hazy Cheung, Serena Yoon, Smayan Soni, Ethan Rajanayagam, Aidan Lung, Fergus Tong, Ethan Yap, Kenneth Lou,  Sammi Hung, Didrika Fisher, Katelyn Tang, Hilary Li and Sophie Kelly. WELL DONE!!