4 Dec 2019

Action on Poverty Week

As part of Action on Poverty Week students dressed in yellow on 29th November the official UN anti-slavery day . Action on Poverty Week was arranged by Island School’s Social Justice Group (ISSJ) and included the 24 minute race (on campus) and the global 24 Hour Race around the Peak. Both these events raise awareness and funds for the same cause -anti-slavery.

The 24-minute race saw students from all six houses carrying batons in a sprint against slavery. In the afternoon sun, students sped around the school in relays, in a friendly inter-House competition. On the Tai Wai campus, Nansen emerged as champions and Da Vinci won at the Sha Tin Wai campus.

The 24-minute race is Island School’s modified version of the global 24-hour race, which sees students all across the globe run to raise funds for the abolishment of slavery.

When asked about her thoughts on the events, Chelsea Tse (10W) said, “It was wholly inspiring to see so many students willing to contribute to a good cause. Every year the dress yellow day is a great success and the donations increase year by year.”

Ady Lam from (10E), “It was an honour to be part of such an important movement, no matter how small my contribution was. It makes me happy to know that lives are changing for the better because of this day.”

Senior Head of House, Ms Kate Sommerville said, “The race is a great cross school community event which combines well-being, taking action and raising awareness. Well done to the ISSJG and 24 minute race organisers for another successful year.”

Written by Nicole Yuen 10W and Angela Chen 10D, Media Team

Photographs by Minnie Tse 11E, Media Team