15 Nov 2022

Quest Week 2022

Often described as the best week of the year Quest Week pushes students out of their comfort zone and encourages them to try new things in new situations.
In Years 7 students take part in activities on-campus and outdoors that help them to develop teamwork, friendships and their understanding of what it means to be an Islander. In Year 8 and 9 students spend most of the week outside and take part in: kayaking, hikes, zip lining and visit historical and environmental places of interest.

As students move up the school they can choose a trip they are interested in whether it be: sports, creative, environmental or social change projects.

What the students said….

Sophie Luk (12N) said: “Being a year 7 prefect during Quest week was a refreshing experience that pushed me to go beyond my comfort zone. I really developed my communication and collaboration skills and also built connections with many Year 7s I would not have been able to interact with otherwise. Quest week was fulfilling and am grateful for all that I’ve learned over the course of the week.”

Alicia Lai (10R) said, “Sai Kung Stray Friends was a new and amazing experience, we got to help with making beds for the dogs, helping with walking the dogs and volunteering in general. The best part of the trip however was when puppies were found and we got to hold them and play with them. Everyday afterwards we would all fall asleep on the bus, although exhausting it was worth!”

What the teachers said

Mr Gavin Fausset, Vice Principal said, “It was fantastic to see the extensive range of trips going ahead. Our programmes stretched throughout the entirety of Hong Kong, under the broad categories of Creativity, Action, Service, Culture and Conservation. Students made profound progress, thanks to being challenged both physically and mentally. This was possible through partaking in activities such as mixed martial arts, mountain biking, traversing, abseiling, canyoning, co-steering and kayaking.”

“Students have created memories that will last a lifetime. They are also likely to have created connections and forged friendships that have the potential to be transformational to the school experience. Returning students will no doubt be sharing their experiences in the weeks and months to come, which is testament to the significance of the week and this experience to them.”