20 Sep 2019

Qualifications and Questions,The University Fair

The University Fair held at the Sha Tin Wai campus, on 19 September, brought 91 institutions from different countries together, helping students and their parents make decisions about their future.

Students from Years 10 to 13 could take their time talking to university staff and participate in their seminars. Manchester University talked about, Studying Medicine in the UK, while Goldsmiths University explained how to, Build an Art Portfolio.

The fair was organised by the Higher Education Department to assist students with post-secondary options. Top ranked universities, including UCSD and University of Edinburgh, talked about their admissions process and what individuals can do to be successful.

Year 13 student, Christy Chau (13F) said, “The medical talk offered by the University of Manchester was really helpful. The information being presented was concise, giving me a clear outline of the application process as well as how to prepare for medical school.”

Jacy To (11F) stated, “It was a really informative experience – I learnt a lot about what I need to do to prepare for university admissions. The fair really helped me take a step back and reflect on how I want to move forward and what I need to do for a successful college admission.”

Common questions asked by students and parents include possible subject combinations post-GCSE for a particular major. For many students in Year 11, this was an opportunity to review possible careers, majors and subject choices as the IB options date approaches.

Awing Lui, Higher Education Counsellor, explained “Year 12s and 13s were preparing questions and  looking up universities during the THRIVE programme before the event. They asked really interesting questions this year and were more prepared and engaged in the conversations. This year’s Fair went really smoothly and this could not have happened without the help of our site team and student ambassadors. I would really like to thank them for their time and effort.”

Written by Noor Rizvi, Will Chan, Media Team

Photographs by Nelson Zhu, Media Team