25 Nov 2021

Public Speaking Team Dazzled in the Persaude-athon

Island School Public Speaking Team showcased their public speaking skills and delivered memorable performances at the ESF Persuade-athon, held on 19 November, achieving fantastic results in all three categories.

The event challenged participants to inspire change in the world. Before the activity, students identified a global issue they were passionate about. After doing extensive research, they then dissected a range of consequences and solutions for the problem. From voting rights to plastic pollution, the Island School cohort increased their civic awareness and skillfully convinced the audience to agree with their views.

Island School representatives, Tai Wai


1st Place – Bobby Li (7E)

2nd Place – Seung June Yoon (7F)

Finalist – Kailey Chan (7N)

Bobby said, “It has been a great experience to once again join an ESF inter-school competition representing Island School. This event has opened up a new level for me in public speaking. I would cherish this experience very much. Thank you to Sam and Charlie once again for giving me constructive feedback and support all the way along.”

“I greatly enjoyed this experience as it was my first ever public speech. I am very happy with my results and would like to continue to improve my skills through my club activities,” expressed Seung June.


2nd Place – Nicholas Tsai (8W)

3rd Place – Alicia Jade Liu (9N)

4th Place – Vijay Narayanan (9F)

Nicholas exclaimed, “I think the reason I placed high was mostly because of my unique and intriguing topic. When you mention the idea of eating insects most would respond with ew and that is the exact response I was looking for and that I could use [their reaction] to explain further in my speech.”


1st Place – Hannah Wu (11D)

5th Place – Madeleine Tsai (10N)

The Debate and Public Speaking Club student leaders, Sam Hui (12W) and Charlie Lam (12E), adjudicated in the competition.

Island School Representatives and Judging Team, Sha Tin Wai

Charlie said, “I’m incredibly proud of all participants in the Persuade-athon! The team really improved in preparation for this event. I can’t wait to see how they grow as speakers. Huge thank you to Mr. Hood for organising, facilitating and inspiring the club!”

“This was an amazing accomplishment by Island School’s debating and public speaking team. The students really went against some excellent and talented speakers all across ESF and it was really difficult for the judges to make their final decisions. We cannot wait to see more students flourish!”, commented Sam.


The following students represented Island School in the competition:

Kailey Chan, Vijay Narayanan, Keshav Thodge, Martin Mak, Cassy Wu, Alicia Liu, Vincy Lung, Sin Ying Cheung, Nicholas Chan, Katrina Hon, Bobby Li, Nicholas Tsai, Seung June Yoon, Hannah Wu, Madeleine Tsai, Keshav Thodge, Alexandra Lai.

Debate & Public Speaking Club is held every Monday online by Mr Darryl Hood, Charlie Lam (12E) and Sam Hui (12W).