Postcards from the Past

Dear Alumni

You are invited to take part in a project which is part of the Island School 50th anniversary celebrations. Postcards from the Past is a project that asks alumni to write to current students. Write a postcard to your younger self, telling them something you wish you knew when at school or about an unforgettable day or week at school.  A student will write back to you. Some postcards will be published in the 50th anniversary book (printed in June 2017) some will be displayed at the Arts Festival “Island Five O” (in December 2016) and all will be published online.

If you would like to take part in the project please fill the form below.  Please write as soon as possible so a student can write back to you before the 50th anniversary book is published.

Address your postcard Dear student. No names or addresses will be published on any of the postcards. When signing-off just write the year you graduated or your student number.

Here are some examples;

Dear student 

The relationships you make with people is what will get you through life. Listen, be kind and do more of what you love. Exam results are important but if you don’t do as well as others it really doesn’t matter in the end, you can still have a wonderful life doing things you love. Enjoy being with your friends, they will be with you your whole life. Be active and carry on trying new things and know that things always workout for the best! Put yourself forward to be a prefect you will be good at that.
From the Class of 1992

Dear student
At Year 7 camp we had a doughnut eating competition, the kids all loved it so the prefects made the teachers do it. Mr. Smith had spent months growing a beard which he was very proud of, thinking it made him look like George Michael (google him).

But he had to shave it off when it became caked with sugar and jam and very sticky in the hot weather! You have to be a good sport at Island School which he was.
Try not to pay attention to the pressure around you and do more silly stuff, enjoy your final years of school you get to see your friends every day!
From the Class of 1989