24 Nov 2017

Positive Wellbeing Sessions This Term

The eight ways to make yourself happier, and how to handle stress better were explained to Year 12 &13 students at the beginning of the year by Psychologist, John Shanahan.

Around World Mental Health Day, in October, Dr Francis Cheng, Psychiatrist, told students in Years 9 – 13, about the importance of healthy living habits. Her presentation included scientific data on how sleep, diet and exercise affects your mood and performance. Over 100 parents attended evening sessions to hear the same information.

Some Year 12 students have now completed a teen Mental Health First Aid course. They heard how to be a good friend and how to connect with an appropriate adult if they know someone is struggling, having a mental health problem or crisis. Feedback from the students has been mainly positive and most feel more confident about responding to, future challenging situations.

There will be further counselling and parents sessions throughout the year, if you would like more information, please contact Counsellor Shirralee Sisson shirralee.sisson@online.island.edu.hk